Q3 Celltronix Promotions Support Page

Port-In Free Phone Instant Rebate
Beginning 07/11 for a limited time only customers who port their number from an eligible carrier verified through the promotion eligibility 
tool may choose from two port in promotions. 1.) Customers may get an LG K20 for free. Regular everyday low price of $99.99. 
2.) If the customer does not want the LG K20 they can choose a different device and get up to $70.00 off the price of that phone. 
This offer includes SIM cards for BYOD activations. 
- The port must be completed prior to the customer leaving the store. Failed ports will result in charge backs. 
Ports from T-Mobile network and Bandwidth.com (Google), Level 3 and Ymax Communications (Magic Jack) are not eligible.
- Existing accounts that add lines with ported numbers qualify but eligibility must be verified through the port in tool.
- Only the LG K20 receives a $99 discount, all other devices are limited to $70 off. 
- Limit of 5 Port-In discounts per account. 
Add-A-Line Half Off
Beginning 07/11 for a limited time only customers can get the LG Stylo 3 for only $84.99! If customers would rather choose a different device they may receive half off any device priced $99 or below on its "Every Day Low Price" when adding lines to their account, this includes new MetroPCS numbers and disqualified ports. 
- Discount only eligible on devices with promo price at or below $99.00. 
- All existing and added lines on the customer account must remain active for 7 days.
- Limit 4 AAL discounts per account. 

Data Promotions
The below promotional data plans from Q1 and Q2 will continue to be available to new and existing customers. An additional offer has been added offering customers 6GB of data at ONLY $25 for add a lines!
***2 For $80 - Unlimited Plan Details***
Unlimited 4G LTE Without Hot Spot & 480P Streaming 
Single Line Accounts - $50.00 
Multi Line Accounts - $40.00 Per Line

***2 For $100 - Unlimited Plan Details***
Unlimited 4G LTE WITH Hot Spot & 720P HD Streaming 
Single Line Account - $60.00
Multi Lines Accounts - $50.00 Per Line

***6GB Add A Line For $25***
Promotional Discount Plan 6GB of 4G LTE Includes Shared Data Hot Spot 
Single/Primary Line Account - $40.00
Multi Lines Accounts - $25.00 Each Additional Line

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.) How do I know if someone qualifies for the port in promotion? 
        A.) You simply use the port eligibility tool which should be bookmarked on your browser. You may also use the link provided in this Q&A. Port Eligibility Tool You can also familiarize yourself with the vast carriers of the wireless world by using this additional link.  Carrier Reference Sheet

Q.) Can customers port in one line receiving the port in instant rebate and add a line with a new MetroPCS number and receive the AAL discount?
        A.) Yes, the customer would receive either the Free LG K20 or the $70 port in discount on the device that you activated on a ported line. As long as the add a line device is under the $99 maximum promo price the customer is eligible to receive 50% off the lines added thereafter. 

Q.) Can I combine the port in and add a line promotions?
        A.) Yes, if the customer wishes to activate two or more lines all lines with eligible port in's qualify for the port in discount. All non qualified ports or new MetroPCS numbers qualify for the add a line discount as long as they are not the primary line. 

Helpful Links
Note: Promotional reference guides provide basic promo information and visual guides. Business rules and compensation documents are the official rules and guidelines of all promotional discounts and rebates.