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Metro Promise Policy

Metro PCS has a return policy for Metro PCS phones called the “Metro Promise”. The Metro Promise return policy allows a customer to return a phone so long as it meets the following qualifications:

---The phone must be less than 7 days old. (The day the phone was purchased counts as the first day)

---The phone must be a new activation

---The phone must have less than 60 minutes of talk time

If the phone meets these qualifications it may be returned under the Metro Promise Policy. In order to return the phone you must follow the following checklist:

1. Confirm that the phone meets the Metro Promise requirements

2. Go into QPAY and cancel the first month’s payment IF it is the same day as purchase. If it is not the same day QPAY doesn’t allow you to cancel the payment.

3. Call DSG and cancel the line under Metro Promise (Make sure say “Under Metro Promise”)

4. Once you confirm the line is cancelled by looking at the account overview page, box the phone up like it was brand new. In the box must be all the original contents, including the phone, the phone backplate, the charger, etc. If you are missing anything make sure you DO NOT CHECK “Full Kit”, a restocking fee may apply if they are missing certain things.

5. Click “Return” then “Return with receipt” and type in the original receipt number. Select the phone and the service and press “OK”. Then press “Tender” and give the customer their money back.. Accessories may not be returned without a manager's override.

6. Grab a return slip and fill it out. Be sure to include all information, including MDN, ESN, Reason (Metro Promise ie MP or Other. If other leave a DETAILED description of what isn’t working).

7. Rubber band the return slip to the phone box and put it on the manager's desk.


What about exchanges you say? Well there’s a policy on that too! Check it out…


Celltronix Exchange policy

The overall rule on returns/exchanges is we will do it but only when we have to and only when we completely understand the situation. The goal in this (and everything else) is to keep the customer happy. When a customer would like to return or exchange a product, we need to ask why and understand the customer's position. Once we understand the problem, try to solve it. If it is not pairing with her car, go out and manually pair it. If it is not loud enough, test it yourself. Do not take the customer’s word on what is wrong with a product, you must find out for yourself. The goal is to make the customer happy, usually we can show them how to properly use their purchase and they will be happy and we don’t have to exchange anything. If we do have to exchange something, we can break down exchange/return situations into 2 categories: Cases/Screen Protectors and bluetooths/headphones.

Cases/Screen Protectors: We do not do returns or exchanges on cases or screen protectors because we cannot resell the returned case or screen protector. If it is the same day and they have all the original packaging and you are sure it and its packaging is in 100% new condition, you may exchange it for a different case, this should happen extremely rarely.

Bluetooth's/Headphones: These are more likely to be defective so we will typically allow an exchange within 7 days, after that there is no exchanges allowed. Once again we must test out the item and make sure the problem is not the customer's fault. Damaged products must not be returned.