RMA Process Update

Date: October 5, 2016


To: Sales (GMs, Directors of Sales, Sr. Managers of Indirect, AMs, National Dealer Channel), Operations


Re: Important Dealer Compensation Updates


Note: Please do not share this communication beyond the dealer principal level.


Dealer Compensation – Rebate Changes

Due to recent dealer feedback, we are making changes to the Rebate program. The intent is to relieve the losses incurred by dealers when customers make changes on the date of activation. There will be a new “True-Up” process in Dealer Comp that will payout the following scenarios:


·        Ports that had a delayed completion, up to 10 days. The current cut-off is 2 days.

·        Same Day changes made by customers to move handsets off ported new lines, to existing lines of service.

*Note: this exception already exists in the standard rebate program. It will be extended to the Port rebate program.

·        Same Day changes made by customers to move handsets to ineligible 90-day subscriber lines.


These changes are currently being tested and will deploy in mid-October. In addition, the delayed Ports will be paid to dealers, retroactive back to January 1! This payment is expected in late October.



Dealer Compensation – RMA Program

It is here – the MetroComp RMA Program has launched! Review the training guide for the new program here.


A few key dates to remember:

·        RMA devices received at Broadtech through 9/27 will be paid through Micra/AP.

·        RMA devices received at Broadtech starting 9/28-forward will be paid through Callidus/Qpay.

·        First payment Callidus/Qpay payment will be deposited on Thursday, 10/6.

·        Dealer RMAs will be paid each Thursday at the door level via Qpay. TheDealer Compensation Payment Calendar shows the exact timing.

·        XBM Chargebacks will be offset at the door level in mid-October. The chargeback will be applied to Rebates because the majority of doors that have XBM Chargebacks do not have enough RMA funds to offset. All supporting detail will be reported in Callidus once the offset is posted.



MetroComp Parser Tool Update

The MetroComp Report Parser tool is used by Master dealers to distribute the Consolidated Transaction Report to Sub dealers.

·        The tool has been updated to include the new “RMA” column on the Consolidated Report.

·        Use the RMA version for Consolidated Transaction Reports published for September 2016-forward.

·        Account Managers will need to send the updated tool to their Master dealers.


Tool and instructions are located here: http://mint.internal.t-mobile.com/departments/dealercomp/Forms/Forms/AllItems.aspx



Confidential & Proprietary: The information contained in this communication is confidential and should not be distributed outside of MetroPCS and its dealer principals