Uniform Addendum 10/01/2016

Uniform Addendum October 1st, 2016

The below addendum applies to the Celltronix Uniform & Apparel Policy and provides further details providing employees with policy current information including replacement costs and additional tools and resources applicable to the uniform guidelines set by the Company.

All requests pertaining to the issuance or replacement of items applicable to the company dress code policy are required to be made through the employee uniform and apparel web page.

Effective October 1st 2016 all newly hired employees will be issued their initial apparel at no cost as defined in the Dress Code Policy and furthermore mentioned within the information provided below.  

Upon hire and completion of a successful background check (which may take anywhere from 2-3 weeks) all employees hired for the purpose of activities in the form of selling and (or) advertising goods-services on behalf of the company shall be issued a set (as defined below) of the required uniform apparel. 

- 3 Custom MetroPCS Embroidered Dress Shirts. 

- 2 Custom Printed Name Tags

The replacement or any additional quantities requested thereafter will be made available for purchase through payroll deduction(s). Current replacement cost(s) are listed below. *Note: Replacement and (or) additional quantity requests for apparel items must be made separately from a new hire request and by the apparel type. 

- Custom MetroPCS Embroidered Dress Shirts ($28.00 Per Shirt)

- Custom Printed Name Tags ($12.00 Per Name Tag)

Apparel requests may be made by using the following link. Apparel Request Submission If unable to use the link you may copy and paste the following web address in your broser. https://form.jotform.com/celltronixinc/uniform-request-