Metro PCS Retail Dress Guidelines

Retail Dress Guidelines

The purpose of the dealer store dress code is to ensure that we are maintaining a unified professional appearance, making it easy for customers to identify our team members while they are engaged in selling Metro PCS products and services.

Black or Khaki dress pants - Black is defined as jet black (not gray/charcoal/faded black or other color variations. Pants should be ankle length dress pants and not cargo, jean, denim or other similar casual style pant and should be worn at the waist with a belt. Black or khaki skirts may be worn no shorter than 2-3 inches in length above the knee. Proper undergarments should be worn while in the dealer store. Clothing should have the appropriate fit, neither too tight nor too loose.

Metro PCS Dress Shirt - All employees should have a Metro PCS Authorized Retailer logo or the MetroPCS trademark logo embroidered on their shirt. Shirts are required to be tucked in at all times while on Metro PCS dealer premises. As new shirts are purchased by dealer associates, older shirts may be deemed to be outdated and no longer acceptable. It is not acceptable to wear any clothing over the MetroPCS uniform i.e. jackets, sweaters, etc. however those that need additional layers to keep warm may when appropriate wear a long sleeve purple or black shirt under their uniform apparel. Metro PCS provided t-shirts may only be worn during designated promotional periods.

Name Tag - Employees are required at all times to wear a Metro PCS branded name tag.

Shoes- Shoes should be solid black or brown and can be either professional or business casual, stockings and socks should be worn at all times and must extend 4-5 inches beyond the ankle.

Jewelry- All jewelry should complement a professional appearance and not be a distraction from the business environment. Large scale jewelry should not be worn while in the dealer store. Facial and tongue piercing jewelry should not be work while in the dealer store. Tooth or teeth accessories should not be worn while in the dealer store.

Hair- Hair color and style should be professional. Facial hair should be well groomed and maintained. Hats and/or bandanas may not be worn while selling Metro PCS products and services.