Celltronix Uniform & Apparel Policy

Celltronix Uniform & Apparel Policy

All retail store employee(s) of Celltronix Inc. are required to follow any and all current Metro PCS Uniform Guidelines. In addition please note the below addendums and clarifications.

- Upon hire and successful onboarding associates will be issued three Metro PCS embroidered dress shirts and two nametags at no cost to the employee.

- From time to time at its sole discretion the company may issue replacement shirts and (or) other apparel items in lieu of the original issued apparel at no cost to the employee. Replacement apparel will only be issued in the quantities that an employee provides in return for the new apparel. (IE: Employee returns only two old/worn out/discontinued shirts and only one name tag. The employee will only be issued two new shirts and one new name tag at no cost. Any additional quantities issued will be at the cost to the employee through payroll deduction.)

- Dress shirts are to be wrinkle free and tucked in at all times. Employees should use maintain proper maintenance of their dress shirts by ironing regularly and (or) having them pressed by a professional

- Apparel should be well taken care of and maintained. If and upon an employee's separation of employment with Celltronix Inc. the original quantity of issued apparel is required to be returned prior to the release of any final pay owed to the employee. If an employee fails to return the required apparel to the company they hereby agree under this policy to any applicable payroll deductions for the replacement value of the un-returned apparel.

By submitting, accepting, and (or) authorizing a request for company issued apparel you agree to the above policy.