Late Point Deduction Policy

To deter reoccurring employee tardiness the company shall maintain and have in effect at all times a standard deduction policy in which supplemental and incentive pay is reduced for attendance policy infractions. 
As of 02/03/2017 the company allows employees to clock in 10 minutes prior to their scheduled shift and permits a 5 minute grace period in which an employee may be late for their scheduled shift without any recourse. Deductions when applicable accumulate over a four week period which correlates to that of the incentive compensation period in which the infractions occurred reducing the employees supplemental earnings.  If the accumulated points are 10 or less there is no applicable deduction. After the accumulated points exceed 10 a multi tiered deduction schedule is automatically applied, please see below for the deduction table. Please note that the maximum deduction for any accumulating period is $100. 

0-10 Points = No Deduction
11-20 Points = $10 Deduction
21-30 Points = $15 Deduction
31-40 Points = $25 Deduction
41-60 Points = $30 Deduction
61-80 Points = $55 Deduction
80-100 Points = $75 Deduction
101+ Points = $100 Deduction

Point Accumulation Example: 
                                    Becky Thorton is scheduled Monday at 8:45 AM, Beck is running late and clocks in at approximately 8:50 AM. Although Becky is late she arrived within                                        the allowed 5 minute grace period and will accumulate no points for this infraction. Becky is scheduled Thursday at 11:45 AM and arrives at 11:53 AM,                                        Becky arrived 3 minutes past the grace period so Beck accumulates 3 late points even though she was 8 minutes late. Becky is on time the remainder of                                        the deduction period and receives no additional late points therefore no deduction. 
                                   Similarly Becky's co-worker Dan Kittenbottom frequently ran late about 5 minutes for his shifts however when he was scheduled Tuesday at 8:45 AM he                                    did not arrive until 8:51 AM. Dan arrived 1 minute past the grace period and accumulated 1 late point. On the last Saturday of the deduction period                                               Dan was scheduled at 11:45 AM. Dan unfortunately had to stop and put air in his tire and arrived at 12:01 PM, Dan is technically 16 minutes late for his                                           scheduled shift however he arrived 11 minutes after the allowed grace period and accumulates only 11 late points. Although Dan was frequently tardy he                                    only accumulated a total of 12 points which caused him to receive a deduction of $10.