Cash Handling

Credit Card Security:

Celltronix Inc. Retail Employees

Celltronix Retail Scheduling Cash Handling & Credit Card Security

The Company strives to maintain operational efficiencies and requires that all employees comply with security processes and (or) procedures at all times.

Proper Verification of Customer Identity

All company employees are required to verify customer identity when accepting payment for any transaction at any amount that is funded by credit card or a finance agreements. The only form of acceptable identification is by State ID, Drivers License or Permanent Resident Cards with photo ID. United States passports are not an acceptable form of ID. Customers paying by credit card must have identification matching the name on the card they wish to use for payment. Customers whom wish to finance their purchase through our third party vendors "Progressive Finance" and "Smart Pay" must provide identification matching to the name on the creditor application. The customers MetroPCS account name and address must also match that of the photo identification or credit will be denied for insufficient identification-failure to verify identity. In the event that an employee's failure to properly identify a customer results in a vendor charge back and (or) claim of identity fraud the employee shall be held liable if a determination is made that the failure to properly verify identity was the contributing cause.

Zero Tolerance On Manual Credit Card Transactions

All credit card transactions must be processed through the company's designated credit card terminal either swiped or by inserting the EMV chip. If a customer's EMV chip fails you must attempt (3) additional times and the terminal will then prompt you to swipe the card. If you are not prompted to swipe then you may NOT process the card manually. Manual credit card transactions are strictly prohibited. In the event an employee violates this policy and the relating credit card transaction results in charge back or dispute the employee is subject to immediate termination.  

Maintaining Company Sales Records

All company employees are required to follow processes both written and implied regarding the retention and organization of company sales records including but not limited to credit card sales receipts. All credit card transactions processed on the company's point of sale require a secondary signed copy of the sales receipt to be retained with the daily records defined as "EOD" End of Day Failure to obtain a signed copy of a credit card sales receipt may result in corrective action.